I enjoy solving problems to create beautiful and functional experiences

Hi! I’m Deb Wagner. I believe that great design should not only look good but make sense. Each project has its own creative and unique solution based on business goals, research, and user needs.

I have over 20 years of hands-on work experience in design and development. My goal is to help clients find a complex process painless by speaking “human” instead of jargon.

There is always something new to learn. I welcome collaboration and embrace iteration.

I love to travel and adventure outdoors. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband, two sons, and our two cats.

What I do

Visual Design & Branding

Brand Strategy
Logos & Collateral
Document Design
Signage & Branded Products
Event Branding
Survey Analysis & Data Design

Interactive Design & Web Development

Brochure Sites
E-commerce Sites
Membership Sites
Custom Integrations
Social Assets


make people happy.
solve problems.
seduce audiences.

individuality is non-negotiable.
quality is in the detail.
do your homework.
stop, collaborate and listen.

design, code, paint, stitch, create.
treat yourself to gluten-free cookies.
simple only looks easy.
keep promises.

no shortcuts in artistry.
inspiration is everywhere.
beauty and function were meant for each other.
content takes center stage.

clutter is for desks not websites.
laugh often.
love your family.
practice gratitude daily.

Let's work together

What they're saying...

Becca Bloom, BB Events

“Deb is one of the best graphic designers I have worked with. Her creative talent is unparalleled. Not only is her eye for color, layout and design so on point, she also beautifully aligns the products with the client’s vision and branding. Deb is an absolute pleasure to work with, taking direction and feedback well, while also thoughtfully making suggestions to enhance and improve the products.”

Kitty Cole

“I worked with Deb Wagner on a web site for a new business. She did an excellent job with both the graphic design portion and the technical side, which was very complicated. She took the time to understand my needs for software, did the research to find it (she made the right choice!), and then taught me and my staff how to use it. She was extraordinary in her attention to detail and follow through. The result was better than I could have imagined.”

Dave Marash

“Deb Wagner has done outstanding work helping create a website for our radio program/podcast HERE & THERE. Deb’s work is not only excellent, but she is extremely co-operative in working with us to make sure her work expresses our personal desires as well as her outstanding professional skills.”

Lyndon Sentz

“Although there is plenty to say about how excellently Deb created a unique, high end brand for my website, what really stands out is the pure joy it was working with her. She is truly the whole package. It is rare to find someone who has her creativity and attentiveness in design. And when coupled with her work ethic, she is truly one of a kind.”

Lisa Feldman

“No words can describe my appreciation for Deb Wagner at dstripe.

I was stuck. I didn’t know how to make a website work for my needs. I checked out the designer on several of the websites that I liked and realized that Deb’s sites were it! Once I contacted her- I knew I was on the right track.

Deb is incredibly patient and collaborative. She gave me great suggestions. She completely nailed the exact design I was looking for. Her ideas were AMAZING! Deb advised me on the entire process and I will be forever grateful to her. Of all the things I have done with Lisa Feldman Design, having Deb create my website is at the very top of my list.”

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Gail Johnson

“Deb has designed three fabulous websites for me. My new website exceeded my expectation, and her creative style allowed us to have a lot of fun during the planning process. Everyone that I’ve talked to has raved about the website!”

Emily Meyer

“I always get compliments on the website that Deb built for me. Being in fashion, images are my main method of communicating with my clients, and your website has to match your brand’s aesthetic. Deb got things just right by making sure that the design and features of the site matched my brand’s personality and image, all while being functional and easy to navigate. Having a website that’s congruent with our brand persona legitimizes our product, and our service.

Deb is wonderful to work with. What I appreciated most is how seamlessly she blends her left-brain and right-brain skills in building your website. Her engineering side works to make your site technically perfect and secure, while her design and aesthetic senses help with everything from color and font, to user interface. As a creative, it was a pleasure to work with Deb because I always felt like she got where I was coming from and respected the aesthetic while always running the superficial needs of the site against her technical checklist. Deb is also extremely prompt, responsive, and usually over-delivers on deadlines. It’s clear Deb is excited about her job, and likes collaborating with clients for the best possible result.”

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Rose Souders, Potluck Consulting

“Deb is simply the best. I have trusted Deb with our client referrals for years and when the time came to rebuild our own marketing agency’s website, I was sure that Deb was the one to design and build it (yes, both!).

When I came to Deb for our site, I knew my plan for the marketing functions I needed the site to have but had no clue about the visuals or design. Deb knows both the design/UX side of building a website along with how to actually develop the functions you need.

All I had to do was explain our marketing strategy and Deb walked me through the rest explaining various things she could build for us (including options for growth down the line). It opened my eyes to how wonderful a web build process could be.

To date, our website still feels top of the line, functions great, and continues to provide us with qualified leads to grow our business.”

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Ryan Robinson, CMO at Ink Factory

“For over 15 years, Deb has been designing and programming websites for both my advertising photography studio and my current business. Every time we start a new design and program for the site, Deb has always delivered incredible, thoughtful, and well-designed sites with the latest programming technology. From creating the project outline to the go-live of each site, her thoroughness has proven invaluable and educational.”

Elizabeth Medina

“Working with Deb was so much fun we did it twice!

As an artist and visual creative, it is very important to me that our studio team be represented in a way that is unique, personal and elegant.

When it came time to redesign our studio’s brand I was fortunate to work with a top notch branding and design team. Thrilled that the resulting brand and design elements expressed our studio to a T, I knew that we would not be satisfied with anything less than the very best web designer.

Having worked with Deb successfully on our previous website, I knew she was up to the task of taking the new Elizabeth Medina Photographic Artisans website the “next level”. Not only is the new site optimized, user friendly and expresses our studio brand beautifully, it also incorporates the personalized creative features that I hoped for.

Deb was extremely patient and willing to listen to my ideas and to put up with my need for the website to fit my sometimes over the top vision to have things aesthetically “just so”. She communicates extremely well and this makes the entire collaborative process stay on track and flow beautifully.

I can truly say that we love working with Deb and are thrilled with the final product.”

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Jackie Ross, Table 6 Productions

“When Table 6 Productions decided to rebrand the first order of business was a new website. Finding Deb was a dream come true. We were immediately impressed with her creativity and ability to make each of her websites unique to the individual client. Not knowing exactly what we wanted, we sent her inspiration photos and other websites that appealed to our style. We were fully prepared for multiple revisions. Not with Deb! She nailed the perfect design the very first time. Not only did Deb finish our website in an extremely timely manner, but she offered advice along the way. The quality of our leads has increased significantly… and we owe that to Deb’s fabulous website design.”

Sayles Livingston

“Deb is incredibly talented and she created a fabulous and unique web site for me. There is no question, that her work has brought me a substantial amount of business!!! I am just incredibly thrilled with the end product. Clients and other vendors ask me on weekly basis “who did your web site?” And the site has been up for two years! Deb was professional, efficient, and lovely to work with! I wouldn’t consider hiring anyone else. Brilliant!”

Karen Wise

“Deb Wagner is an extremely talented and thorough web-programmer and designer. Not only is Deb technical, but she also has a great eye for design.

I brought my own graphic designer in on the project. She was open to the idea, and collaborated well with the 2 of us. She was quick to answer emails and get onto conference calls, which I really appreciated – it showed that she really cared about the end result.

KarenWise.com was revamped page by page in a thorough manner, and in a relatively short amount of time. She took the time to explain every step of the backend to me, and gave me tips for managing my site and my email accounts. Any time I have any questions about anything, she is quick to reply to me.”

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