Karen Wise Food and Art

about the project

Modified with a new logo and color scheme, Karen’s Food and Art website uses the same engine behind the scenes as her photography site. Delicious images separated into themed galleries show off her striking work. Press from culinary magazines is just as scrumptious as her photography accolades.


Update: Karen’s Photography site has been rebuilt with a whole new technology. Hopefully we’ll re-do Food and Art next!

words from karen

Deb Wagner, of dstripe, is an extremely talented and thorough web-programmer / designer. Not only is Deb technical, but she also has a great eye for design.

In re-designing my first website, KarenWise.com, I brought my own graphic designer in on the project. She was open to the idea, and collaborated well with the 2 of us. She was quick to answer emails and get onto conference calls, which I really appreciated - it showed that she really cared about the end result.

KarenWise.com was revamped page by page in a thorough manner, and in a relatively short amount of time, considering Deb's heavy workload. She took the time to explain every step of the backend to me, and gave me tips for managing my site and my email accounts. Any time I have any questions about anything, she is quick to reply to me.

I loved the way Deb designed my first website so much, that I hired her to revamp my second site, FoodandArt.com. I love the way they both function, and I receive compliments often about the look and functionality of them both.

I highly recommend Deb for all of your web programming and website design needs.

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