Janae Shields V2

about the project

This is the second website I’ve done for Janae. Complete with a new logo, big images circled in a stylish design on a textured background create an original look. Portfolio drops down to reveal multiple galleries of her amazing work and mini thumbs help find that inspirational image. For a personal touch, each testimonial is coupled with a charming image of the clients giving praise.


Update: We’ve revamped again!

words from Janae

My website has been instrumental in generating new business and attracting the clientele I want. The wedding photography industry is flooded with “template” websites; I wanted the exact opposite of that. Having a custom designed website reflecting me and my business has allowed me to stand apart from a saturated market. Clients appreciate the unique design that first greets them when opening my website. As the first thing most clients see when they encounter my company, I wanted it to be eye catching and immediately leave a good impression. My website is an extension of all of my marketing materials and through Deb’s expert design they all flow well as a consistent brand. Working with Deb was a treat. She did an amazing job of taking my rambling thoughts and turning them into the website I wanted. I still don’t know exactly how she did it! She did a great job of giving me realistic timelines and gave me the proper expectations of how the process would work. I trusted her throughout the process to design a website that is a true reflection of me and my company and she did that in every sense. I wholeheartedly recommend Deb!

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