Barry Hill

about the project

A steel plate inspired background gives the site a masculine edge. Multiple galleries named by subject showcase an impressive diversity and skill. A white drop-shadowed frame fits to each amazing image while everything else stays put so you don’t lose your place. Keyboard controls offer the ability to tap an arrow instead of the mouse. Thumbnails tuck away neatly but slide out when you are looking for something specific.

words from barry

Working with Deb Wagner at has been such a pleasure from start to finish. Building a new website can be a daunting task, there are so many decisions that need to be made that for me the whole process can become scattered and disorganized. With Deb’s guidance she helped to streamline the process and focused my attention on what really mattered. She uses a process that I found invaluable which helped me to break down the decision making and systematically focus on completing each step in the process. The finished website that Deb built for me far exceeded my expectations. Deb’s design and layout expertise helped to redefine as well as elevate my brand. The website is sleek, clean and loaded with cool features that create a seamless user interface that you just don’t see in my competitor’s websites.

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