Allyson Magda, V1

about the project

A calligrapher handcrafted the stunning logo that draws out as this site loads. Once inside the site, the menu auto hides to keep clutter away from the soft swirls and flower branches that frame Allyson’s amazing images beautifully. Each subsection in the portfolio and each page on the site changes mood with color. Why pick one color, when you can have a whole collection?

words from allyson

Working with Deb was absolutely fantastic, from start to finish. She was super organized, which I really appreciate, and had worksheets for everything, which made my job easy! I constantly get compliments on the new site and had so much fun working with Deb, I can't wait to make another new website!! Deb is very easy-going and patient. Since the new site has been up, my booking ration has increased. I can't say enough good things about Deb and working with her.

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