Allyson Magda

about the project

When it was time to upgrade Allyson’s site to a new technology that worked on all devices, she also had some bold ideas about how to change the look. She hired a calligrapher to draw her a custom logo. I animated it with a gif so that it draws into place even on a phone. A swanky bar of gold triangles stretch across the page like modern art. Keeping with the theme, we mixed those same sparkly triangles into icons and buttons throughout the site.


Weddings, Portraits and About all offer a simple drop down to select from Allyson or her associate Jill. Galleries show off their beautiful images with a simple interface. About pages are concise with one great photo and a bio each.


We moved Allyson’s old blog content over to this new site so that she can have everything in one place. Years of posts have been chronicled above a quick form to get in touch.


Allyson’s noteworthy accolades are actually a category of blog posts, but we gave them their own featured page.

words from Allyson

I have worked with Deb more than once, since 2006. She's done two complete websites for my business, fresh from the ground up. I must note that in that timeframe my business grew by leaps and bounds, and I largely attribute that to her amazing work! When working with Deb her desire to truly grasp her client's vision is what engages me the most. Her process is thorough and it WORKS! When it comes to design, I am exceptionally particular, and Deb lives up to the high standard, every single time. That high standard is what is reflective in my work, and more importantly in my website. The website is where my client's get their first impression of my company, our product, our service, this all lies in the hands of the one who designs and develops your website.

Not only does she have a keen eye for design and style, her workflow is really effective. She always responds to my countless questions, with a patient and kind reply, this is invaluable in a professional.

Even though my site was complete last year, I have a new area I intend to expand my company, and I've ran some ideas past Deb on how to incorporate that into the existing site, so I don't have to have a completely new site built. She continues to assist me and give positive feedback. Deb always has my businesses' best interest in mind, and I appreciate that more than words can express. I need to give her a hug!!!

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